Elsen Academy is an independent school (Grades 1 - 12) registered with the education department

and as a non-profit organisation, catering for the needs of children in
Port Elizabeth

with learning barriers such as dyslexia, ADHD, etc. as well as emotional/social barriers

that make attending the larger schools a challenge.


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                 Our Mission is two-fold

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Teaching children with unique educational needs in a caring and positive environment. Guiding and supporting our children in becoming independent and productive individuals.

                   Vision Statement

We have a vision to teach and guide children with unique educational needs to be the best that they can be by enpowering them through a holistic approach to discover and reach their full potential and strengths.


We are so pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website.

At Elsen Academy, we understand vulnerability, whether it is as a parent or the child with special needs.

We understand your quest for answers and seeking reassurance that all is well.

We know you feel scared and alone on this journey and are unsure how to deal with your child. These labels for your child are hurtful and insulting:
“over-sensitive”, “learning disabled”, “having special needs”, “being impaired”, “delayed” “not having normal development”, ”autistic traits”, “ADHA”, “naughty”, etc.

Those words don’t exist in our vocabulary.

At Elsen we appreciate your child’s difference and abilities and shape and mould them into something truly beautiful – making your child feel perfect in every way.

Quotes from some of our parents:

Elsen, you are amazing. The love and care you show for your student's is what drives them. 
Bryce loves going to school. (Liz Bain)

I honestly cannot believe the difference that a couple of weeks can make, or that a school can make such a difference but it has for us and we are blown away by the change we are already seeing in Tayden. He is sleeping better, his confidence is slowly building and he is looking less stressed - and is even smiling again! (Brene Hershensohnn)

Ryan has progressed in so many areas thanks to a team of dedicated therapists and teachers. He has gained so much confidence, he has learnt to read and the one thing he is so proud of is his neat handwriting. Thank you Elsen! (Rene Webster)


Important Reminders


School Starts 15 Jan
Parent Evenings 22, 23 Jan
Board Meeting 29 Jan

V's Fundraiser 14 Feb

Music Trivia 28 Feb

School Photos 10 Mar

School closes 19 Mar



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