Makerspace Campaign




It is a FACT! Our economy needs MAKERS…

People who can design, create, manufacture and build.

We will be the first school in Port Elizabeth, to have this facility.

Imagine the possibilities!

We want to invite you to join the maker movement with us and help us make our MAKERSPACE a reality. Our vocational stream (practical skills training) is expanding and we would like to be able to offer a variety of skills needed in the marketplace.

We currently teach woodwork, food production and gardening, cooking and baking.
  • Partner with us to provide learnership opportunities for our students to practice their skills in the workplace. We teach the theory and the skill, and you provide the workplace experience. This means that the pupils leaving this vocational class would ideally find employment easily because we would have developed a network with existing businesses in PE who are clamouring to take our students because they are well mannered, disciplined, have a great work ethic and have already proven themselves during the work shadow/learnership period.

  • Donate equipment that we need (see suggestion list below).

  • Help us to raise enough money to purchase some of the machinery and equipment needed to upgrade our MAKERSPACE. We have a fundraising campaign at where you can view the donation amounts and rewards/gifts. We also want to give back and salute you in some way. We can also supply Tax 18A certificates.

  • Tell people about us, spread the word, share on social media using the hashtag #makerspacefund.

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