From a Mom's Perspective

From a Mom's Perspective

A couple of weeks ago my child arrived at Elsen, unsure of himself,
stressed, his confidence in shreds and desperately unhappy…and
me as a parent even more stressed at the situation where we didn’t
seem to have a solution. My husband and I went from clinical
psychologists to the paediatrician and back to play therapists, trying
to find out what was best for Tayden, where he would fit in and more
importantly where he would be happy. Their recommendation – try Elsen.
I must admit I was a bit sceptical but agreed to check it out…

We arrived at Elsen and were welcomed with open arms from
day one. Tayden loved the initial Meet & Greet session and as we
left he asked when he could start at Elsen. He actually got quite
frustrated when I said he would need to wait because the school
was closing for September holidays! I took that as a positive and
we arranged our five day assessment which went well and we have
been here ever since!

Our transition has been very smooth, for which we are truly grateful.
We are blessed to have Mrs Kilian as his class teacher and she has
been fantastic in helping Tayden fit it and settle into the routine of the
school. He is waking up in the morning eager for school, proud to be
dressed in his uniform, happy to be dropped and heading into school
with a big smile!
(This is a major difference from where we were earlier
this year let me tell you!)

I honestly cannot believe the difference that a couple of weeks can
make, or that a school can make such a difference but it has for us
and we are blown away by the change we are already seeing in Tayden.
He is sleeping better, his confidence is slowly building and he is looking
less stressed - and is even smiling again!

If this is type of transformation that happens in only a couple of weeks,
we eagerly look forward to next year at Elsen as we tackle Grade 4!
Thank you Elsen for everything you have done so far and the journey
we will continue together in the future!

Thank you,

rose and tayden

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School Starts 15 Jan
Parent Evenings 22, 23 Jan
Board Meeting 29 Jan

V's Fundraiser 14 Feb

Music Trivia 28 Feb

School Photos 10 Mar

School closes 19 Mar



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