A differentiated school


Students in schools are becoming more acadedifferentiation picmically diverse. So how do we cater for this diversity?

Elsen Academy has made a commitment to focus on individualization, and we acknowledge that solutions to educational problems lie in quality practice, for example embracing and incorporating differentiation.

Differentiation means that we:

  1. Respect individuals,
  2. Own student success,
  3. Build community,
  4. Provide high-quality curriculum,
  5. Assess to inform instruction,
  6. Implement flexible classroom routines,
  7. Create varied avenues to learning,
  8. Share responsibility for teaching and learning.
The use of LSP's in our school, is one way that we commit to providing quality, individualized instruction to each and every learner. 


Reference: Tomlinson, C. 2008. The differentiated school. Alexandria, USA. 

Important Reminders


We are back!

School starts - 17 January
Parent evening - 25 January
5.30pm - 7.30pm
PS Prefect Induction - 26 January
HS Prefect Induction - 2 February



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