• The following interventions are offered to learners at Elsen Academy:

  • Occupational Therapy -         Watch video here
  • Speech Therapy -         Watch video here
  • Remedial Therapy -                                        Watch video here
  • Play Therapy
  • Counselling -         Watch video here

LSDs (learner support documents) are drawn up by the academic team and these are discussed with the parents during case conferences, which are held twice a year. 

Homework club is an additional facility where students can remain after school until 4.30pm and complete homework under teacher supervision. Consolidation can also be done, on concepts not grasped in class or where a bit more time needs to be spent understanding a topic.

Important Reminders

Term 3 Dates

Matric Dance 12 July
Parent Evenings 16-18 July
Governing Council 24 July
Soccer Fun Day 2 August
Women's Day 9 August 
Golf Day 16 August
Trials start 19 August
Concert 12 September

End of term 19 September



We are proud of our

100% pass rate

for our 2018 Matrics