Admissions Procedure

Admission Policy and Procedures

Elsen Academy was founded on the belief that every child should be given the opportunity to learn and to reach their full potential. The learners who come to Elsen have individual needs which must be addressed by suitably trained specialists. Through a range of onsite interventions, we help our learners to overcome their barriers and to promote them to their next level of development.
The principles that guide our actions at Elsen Academy include:

  • Providing a work environment where learners and teachers can prosper.
  • Applying the highest standard of excellence through specified curriculum, online platforms (4IR), quality teachers, and teaching methods.
  • Developing enthusiastically satisfied stakeholders, learners and parents all of the time.
  • Contributing positively to our communities and our environment.
  • Recognizing that financial stability is essential to our future success.

At Elsen Academy, we work towards a common goal, that is to help our learners to reach their full potential. We believe there are No Limits to Learning.

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At Elsen, we appreciate your child’s differences and abilities, we shape and mold them into something truly beautiful – making your child feel perfect in every way. Need some advice from our experienced teachers? Follow our blog for the latest helpful tips and articles

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