High School

High School Life at Elsen

Every child has access to counselling or play therapy, if this has been recommended, as well as the Neuronet programme in Grades 1-3 and the online remedial reading programme in Grades 1 – 7. The pupil/teacher ratio is 6:1 which allows for a more personalized approach in the classroom. Our multi-disciplinary team led by our SENCO, is always on hand to offer any advice or support to parents. Proper exam preparation ensures that pupils are well-prepared and organised and concessions such as separate venues or scribes are also provided, within our resources and if a proper diagnosis such as dyslexia, has been made by a professional, and the recommendation is stated.

Grade 8 and 9

The Grade 8 and 9 curriculum is broad based and exposes all our learners to an extensive range of learning areas in the South African National Curriculum in an inclusive, empowering environment. We strive to develop every learner in preparation for Grade 10. Subjects offered

  • English HL
  • Afrikaans FAL
  • Maths Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • Tourism
  • Consumer Studies
  • Computer Literacy and Technology

What if my child is not able to manage the academic curriculum?

Your child is placed according to the amount of support and intervention needed. Categories 1 – 3 involve mainstream with some supportive therapies or interventions (if necessary). Category 4 refers to mainstream with some modified areas and/or exam concessions. If your child is on a category 4 and is still not coping adequately, Elsen offers vocational education (ABET). Created with the objective to develop our children into independent, skilled and productive adults. We focus on 3 main areas, i.e. literacy, functional maths and life skills. We also offer woodwork, cooking, computer literacy, and gardening. Read More about our Vocational Curriculum here

Elsen Academy's Learners in Action!

Grade 10-12

Learners will continue on into the FET (Further Education and Training) band, in grade 10, which will be completed over three years and which will culminate with a National Senior Certificate (Matric). Subjects offered in Grade 8-9 will continue from Grade 10 to Grade 12 with a choice between 2 selectives: Life Science or Business Studies. Learners can choose between Life Science or Business Studies. During their Grade 9 year, we evaluate and decide on the Grade 10 subjects based on the interests and abilities of our students.

A few Awareness Days celebrated

Meet our High School Teachers

Grade 8 ,9,10,12 Ms de Lange

Grade 9-12
Mrs Rennie

Grade 8-12 
Mr Barry

Grade 8, 10, 11, 12 
Ms Pretorius

Grade 8-12 
Mrs Abrahams

Grade 8-12
Mr Fuller

Grade 10-12
Mrs Ward

Grade 8 
Mr Barclay

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