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Making a donation is a way of reaching out a helping hand. By providing even a small donation, you can be part of an effort to provide an education to children, the leaders of the future.

Elsen Academy is a registered independent school (EMIS 101021) that caters to students from grades 1-12. We are also a registered NPO (056 – 340) and receive no government subsidy. Sadly, we sometimes find ourselves turning away potential students, who we can see desperately need what we can offer, but because of affordability, they do not enroll.

Because of your help, we would be able to offer our school to more parents from the previously disadvantaged group. As of now, we are having to turn away many of these students as our bursary fund is limited. Our pupils follow the same curriculum as the state schools and our grade 12 class writes the same matric. Some of them had been told that they would never even reach matric.

We have a B-BBEE Level 2 status, which is where we can help you! We are currently receiving some funds from donors and we split this money between needy students. The impact is beyond words as they are in a school that can cater to their individual numerous needs. Your small contribution to the bursary fund comes with certain conditions and is awarded annually provided the conditions are met. Our most important condition is that the parents commit to playing a very active part in their child’s education. They are required to supervise homework and to attend parent-teacher meetings.

Our teachers are required to communicate every day with every parent and thus there is no excuse to not be involved. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Banking Details

Make a difference in a child’s life, an education is a gift that keeps on giving. A direct donation can be paid into the Elsen Academy Account. Please use Ref: donation and your name.  Payment notifications can be sent to

Elsen Academy NPC
FNB 62108003253


We have a B-BBEE Level 2 status, which is where we can help you! Apply for your Tax 18A certificate



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