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Supporting the 4 components of learning Maths

Early exposure to numbers and counting is just as important as exposure to letters, words and reading. Asking a child how old they or can they count to 5, just confirms that they’ve learnt the answer to those questions. It doesn’t necessarily prove that they understand numbers and quantity.   Think of the subject of

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Anxiety – friend or foe

First and foremost, I am someone who struggles with anxiety…especially when I have to catch a flight. I’m afraid of flying, being high up in the air, away from the ground, being trapped in a small space and all of those apply when I fly. I’m also a parent, a teacher, a social entrepreneur and an

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The Differentiated School

“The small school with the big heart that stole mine” Recovering from Covid19 means: Filling empty seats with the right student who has a learning barrier with parents that are willing to make the right sacrifices for their child’s education, Nurturing students to have a positive frame of mind that allows learning and growing to

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Getting Organized and Good Work Habits

WANT TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE IN YOUR DAY? Forgetting things, losing belongings, not being prepared, leaving assignments until the last minute or forgetting to do them altogether, not knowing how to use a diary or calendar, having a poor concept of time, etc. Does this sound familiar? There’s always a production line at work….no-one works

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The 8 pieces of the learning puzzle – part 2 How can parents help.

We need to be aware of the skills that must be mastered that may influence student’s success and if the skills are not being learnt, we need to investigate why. Thinking with Numbers   If a child does not develop a concept of number or an understanding of number values and quantity, there’s a number blindness

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